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"By significantly reducing the cost barrier to MS data analysis, Genedata Expressionist MSX provides previously unavailable tools to academic researchers. It makes in-depth analysis of complex MS experiments affordable."

Dr. Peter Askovich
Senior Scientist
Seattle Biomedical Research Institute


Product Sheet



Genedata Expressionist MSX is a comprehensive, end-to-end software solution for the analysis of mass spectrometry data generated in metabolomics experiments. The Expressionist MSX software features the same superior algorithms and data visualization capabilities as the enterprise-level system Genedata Expressionist for Mass Spectrometry, which is used by many leading pharma and life science organizations. The result of nearly a decade of proven customer success in mass spectrometry data analysis, Expressionist MSX software efficiently processes raw mass spectrometry data from all major mass spectrometry instruments. Enabling sophisticated statistical analysis with Expressionist MSX and utilizing its superb visualization at every analysis step equips scientists to address a wide range of metabolomics mass spectrometry data analysis questions.

Easy MS Data Analysis in Minutes vs. Days

Expressionist MSX software downloads as a Windows installer and is up and running in under five minutes.

Expressionist MSX can read all major data formats from different mass spectrometry instrument vendors and different technology setups. Sophisticated mass spectrometry data analysis can be performed quickly and easily in minutes with Expressionist MSX's best-of-breed algorithms. Expressionist MSX streamlines mass spectrometry data analysis by intelligent user guidance derived from Genedata’s numerous years of experience in the mass spectrometry field. Its rich visualization capabilities enable researchers to easily drill down and mine data after each analysis step to derive scientifically valid conclusions.


Features & Benefits

Genedata Expressionist MSX is a comprehensive, high-quality solution with best-of-breed enterprise data analysis functionality at an affordable cost. Researchers can capitalize on Expressionist MSX’s low-cost and proven algorithms to advance their innovative research.

Highlights of Supported Applications

Genedata Expressionist MSX applies to a wide variety of applications spanning a range of research areas.

  • Biomarker discovery and validation
  • Metabolite identification and quantification
  • Metabolic profiling of human, non-human, bacterial, and plant samples

Key Features
Beyond Software

  • Native file support for mzXML, netCDF, and ALL leading MS vendors
  • Full integration with HMDB, ChemSpider and other data sources
  • Support for retention indices
  • Precise RT alignment using multiple references
  • Lockmass correction support
  • Detailed, accurate and careful chemical noise subtraction
  • Wide range of suitable statistical methods (including PLS and ANOVA)
  • World leading data visualization after each analysis step
  • Carefully balanced ease of use and flexibility

Increased Efficiency

  • Streamlined analysis, no file conversions, no data loss, no other software needed
  • Rapidly and easily annotate peaks using various search engines and databases
  • Faster data analysis – in minutes vs. days, manual intervention only if desired
  • Avoid RT drift with accurate RT alignment for large diverse data sets
  • Lockmass correction permits highly detailed studies of sub-PPM accuracy
  • Quick, effortless, high quality noise-free data with no significant data loss
  • Fewer false positives/false negatives, reliable results, more scientifically valid conclusions
  • No black box; allows full control over all analysis steps
  • All scientists can perform high quality analysis